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Todd Dubè is a Chicago based international travel, documentary, adventure, landscape, and street photographer who's also worked around the country as a radio personality, MLB cameraman, artist assistant, and even spent two weeks with a traveling carnival.


Always keenly curious and observant, Dubé unwittingly began honing his photographic eye while backpacking, hitchhiking, and even train hopping around the US and Latin America...always with a point and click in his pocket. Finally, on a backpacking trip from Mexico to southern Colombia in 2015, something clicked and a voice from above said, "Hey! Dummy! You might actually be pretty good at this if you, you know, TRIED!" 


After that trip, he returned home, invested in "real" gear, spent the summer of 2015 on the streets of Chicago learning his new equipment, then set off for South America again in October, 2105. This time: a winter tour of Peru. Two of these incredible three+ months in Peru were spent documenting an off-the-grid permaculture school/hostel founded by an old travel buddy who'd tackled South America in 2011 with $500 and and a wealth of gall. This initial documentary was conceived as a "trial by fire": to see if he could "really" do it and whether he'd bring anything back. Did he ever. Sales began almost immediately and, after a busy year, the documentary is finally nearing its completion. The photos can now be found here. The written portion will be added soon.  


 More adventures are in the works. Be sure to follow along on the Instagram and Facebook. 


Finally, of course images printed on various mediums are readily available. Reach out via the website's form or directly at prints@upperworldphoto.com and we'll discuss pricing. 


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