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"Machu Picchu Classic"Streets of Pisac. Peru Dec. '15Golden Vista. Machu Picchu Dec. '15Purple Mountains. near Huaraz, Peru Nov. '15"Bloody Blancas"Misti Looming. The active volcano overlooking Arequipa, Peru. Dec '15Andes Triangles. The Andes near Huaraz, Peru. Jan. '16"Machu Picchu Classic #2"Painted Sky. The Andes near Huaraz, Peru. Nov. '16"Rainy Season"-Shot thru the cracked window of the Hof's common area. Afternoon showers arrive againKong. Chris & Cat silhouetted while watching the sun set in the Andes. Near Huaraz, Peru, Jan. '16"Layered Sunset"Machu Picchu Fortress-Dec. '15Machu Picchu Perch-Dec. '15Machu Picchu Waterfall-Dec '15Cusco Sunbeams. Peru, Dec. '15"The Neighbor's Waterfall"