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"Chicago River Trolls" 12x18 & 20x30"Generation Gap"-Andes hostel, Peru."Connectivity"-Chicago  12x18 & 20x30"Misti Looming" Arequipa, Peru"Some Days You're the Dog..." Cusco, Peru.  12x18 & 20x30"Summer in the City-Chicago, July '15 20x30 canvas in-stock. $140"Ice Cream is Universal"-Cusco, Peru '15"Neighbor's Waterfall"-Near Huaraz, Peru"Ian's Deadly Glare""We the People"-4th of July celebration in Chicago. 2015"Diana Twirling"-Andes hostel, Peru."Dome Commerce"-Andes hostel, PeruChickens on display at an open air market. Huaraz, Peru. Jan. '16"Porky & Santa"-Peruvian market Christmas ornament. Cusco, Dec. '15"Porky"-Pig's head on display to be sold at an open-air market in Cusco, Peru. Dec. '15"Cusco Businessman"-Peru, '15"Cathrin's Commute""Chicago Street Band""Chicago Street Band 2""Cusco Buskers"-Cusco, Peru